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Contact Sheet

This is a list of some useful contact information for Berkeley High teachers, administrators, tardy call machine, etc. Please note: this is not intended to be a comprehensive, be-all and end-all contact sheet. We know that it's no fun to contact your teachers outside on your own time, but it doesn't have to be difficult too. Basically, we're always working on keeping this information up to date and long story short, it's pretty good, but not perfect. A backup plan, if something isn't here or doesn't work, should always be to contact a teacher's department head, or failing that, a member of the administration.

    On a side note: Give credit where credit is due. This information was filched off of the official BHS website.

Last Modified: 08/13/09

General Contact Info

General School Contact Number to Get a Machine: 644-6120
General School Contact Number to Get a Human: 644-6121
District Voicemail Number: 644-4500 (press 7 to reach a specific staff member)
Fax Number: 548-4221
US Postal Address:
Berkeley High School
2223 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Berkeley, California 94704



mber: 548-4221